Saturday Sports Open Thread

Well, sports fans, I suggested yesterday that in the past few years, the first Friday of the NCAA tournament has typically provided some of the best games and the most exciting upsets. March 21, 2008, certainly did not disappoint!

Regardless of how they may have screwed up your brackets, if you weren't fired up and knocked off of your couch by Davidson, West Kentucky, San Diego, Siena, and Villanova, I suggest quite strongly you go visit your doctor!

So, what's going to happen today? Where will the big upsets occur?

My choice for upset of the day is Duke, which should come as a great surprise to many of you that know me to be a Blue Devil fan. I just think there's something wrong with this team right now. They lack spunk, and WVU will be fired up.

I also think Marquette can beat Stanford, with the game of the day being MSU against Pitt. That'll be old-fashioned college basketball at its finest. Thoughts?

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