Son of Suspended Liberal Talker Calls Whites 'Dumb Devils', Starts Racist Blog

Milwaukee Alderman Micheal McGee, Jr. is definitely a chip off the ol' racist, hateful, block. After his father was recently suspended from WNOV for stating that the death of a conservative talk show host's mother was the "vengeance of God", Michael McGee, Jr. has taken over the show for him. On his first day on the job he lost no time in referring to whites as "dumb devils" and starting his own blog. Here is a quick sample of of his racist rambling:

We have periodically organized and won small battles, such as desegregation, and voting rights. When we use the HOLY SPIRIT and FAITH In Action; satan knows his time is up! Whenever SATANS' PLAYGROUND is in jeopardy, he uses his dumb devil's to come up with more and more deceit. THEY use new tactics and obstacles, i.e. poor education, capitalism, prison system to further the cause of evil. Evil spelled backwords is Live, we want to Live for the revolution, not die for it! GOD spelled backwards is Dog- self explanatory!

How can such a racist be an elected official and a radio talk show host? He is a liberal victim group member. Unfortunately the media and Milwaukee voters seem to be willing to look the other way.

Double Standards Wisconsin Radio