Gun Control? 82-Year-Old Former Miss America Stops Intruder With .38 Snub-nose

Update with MSNBC video at bottom of post

You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

As most NewsBusters readers are aware, the media have been foaming at the mouth this week for Congress to advance stronger gun control laws in the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

As a result, this absolutely delightful feel-good story about an 82-year-old former Miss America that defended her farm in Kentucky with a lil ol’ .38 caliber handgun is sure to be ignored by a media more interested in advancing an agenda than doing their job as disseminators of information.

As marvelously reported by the Associated Press Saturday (h/t NB reader Sherrie Z):

Miss America 1944 has a talent that likely has never appeared on a beauty pageant stage: She fired a handgun to shoot out a vehicle's tires and stop an intruder.

Venus Ramey, 82, confronted a man on her farm in south-central Kentucky last week after she saw her dog run into a storage building where thieves had previously made off with old farm equipment.

Ramey said the man told her he would leave. "I said, 'Oh, no you won't,' and I shot their tires so they couldn't leave," Ramey said.

She had to balance on her walker as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun.

"I didn't even think twice. I just went and did it," she said. "If they'd even dared come close to me, they'd be 6 feet under by now."

Amazing. The article wonderfully concluded:

After winning the pageant with her singing, dancing and comedic talents, Ramey sold war bonds and her picture was adorned on a B-17 that made missions over Germany in World War II, according to the Miss America Web site.

Brava, Venus. Brava!

Update (Ken Shepherd | April 23, 11:08): MSNBC's Amy Robach did a brief item on this shortly after 9 a.m. this morning. Video: Real (1,196 kB) or Windows (1,356 kB), plus MP3 (197 kB).

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