Couric Vlog the Result of Producer Plagiarizing Wall Street Journal

A week ago, I posted a snarky item about a Katie Couric vlog entry at In an April 4 page from her "Notebook," the "Evening News" anchor worried that kids entering college were unable to use a library for something as basic as locating a book needed for class. In doing so, she erroneously suggested colleges use the Dewey decimal system, when in fact most use Library of Congress Classification to arrange the bookshelves.

Now it turns out that not only did Couric not exactly do her homework, but that the producer who did it for her lifted some of the script from a Wall Street Journal column. That producer has since been fired.

CBS's Brian Montopoli explained how the vlogs are written and produced in a post today at CBS's "Public Eye" blog:

Couric has significant involvement in the Notebooks, though she does
not write all of them. Every week, she meets with producers to go over
ideas and discuss possible themes. Sometimes, she then writes the
pieces herself; in other cases, a producer writes them, after which
Couric edits and tapes them. In the case of the April 4 piece, Couric
was involved in choosing the topic, though she did not write the piece

Montopoli also wrote about this controversy yesterday in a separate post here.

Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has more in his April 11 article available here.

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