Yet Another Skeptical Global Warming Documentary Ignored by American Media

A year after Lars Mortensen’s documentary “Doomsday Called Off” was made, the Canadian non-profit organization Friends of Science created another video skeptical of anthropogenic global warming (h/t NB member dscott).

Entitled "Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: What You're Not Being Told About the Science of Climate Change," the piece similarly used scientists from around the world to debunk theories the organization felt were devoid of facts (videos available here in both Windows Media and Quicktime).

The video was described in an April 13, 2005, press release (emphasis added throughout):

At a news conference held in Ottawa, some of North America’s foremost climate experts provided evidence demonstrating that the science underlying the Kyoto Protocol is seriously flawed; a problem that continues to be ignored by the Canadian government. Scientists called on the Canadian government to delay implementation of the Kyoto Protocol until a thorough, public review of the current state of climate science has been conducted by climate experts. Such an analysis has never been organized in Canada despite repeated requests from independent, non-governmental climate scientists.  

The release and the video made some pretty strong statements that would be interesting to hear or read rebutted by anthropogenic global warming alarmists here in America, in particular, soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore who continues to ignore multiple invitations to debate the subject:

Carleton University Professor Tim Patterson (Paleoclimatologist) explains the crucial importance of properly evaluating the merit of Canada's climate change plans: “It is no exaggeration to say that in the eight years since the Kyoto Protocol was introduced there has been a revolution in climate science. If, back in the mid-nineties, we knew what we know today about climate, Kyoto would not exist because we would have concluded it was not necessary.”  

Contrary to claims that the science of climate change has been settled, the causes of the past century’s modest warming is highly contested in the climate science community. The climate experts presenting [sic] in the video demonstrate that science is quickly diverging away from the hypothesis that the human release of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide, is having a significant impact on global climate. “There is absolutely no convincing scientific evidence that human-produced greenhouse gases are driving global climate change”, stated climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball. He added that the Canadian government’s plan to designate carbon dioxide as a “toxic” under CEPA is irresponsible and without scientific merit. “Carbon dioxide is a staff of life, plain and simple. It makes up less than 4% of greenhouse gases and it is not a toxic.” 

IPCC assertions about the unprecedented nature of the past century's warming, or the widespread beliefs that we are experiencing an increase in extreme weather, accelerated sea level rise and unusual warming in polar regions are also shown in the video to be wholly without merit. 

Think you’ll see this video on American television any time soon?

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