Expanding Pack Ice in Iceland, Will Media Notice?

In the midst of the media's global warming panic, an interesting thing is happening in Iceland: the amount of pack ice has increased to levels not seen in decades.

As reported by the Telegraph (h/t Drudge, emphasis mine throughout):

The oceans may be warming and air temperatures rising, but in recent days Iceland has bucked the global climate trend.

Thick pack ice, the like of which has not been seen for decades, stretched into the western fjords as temperatures plummeted and a bitter wind blew in from -Greenland.

The article continued:

Climate change scientists say that with temperatures rising, the pack ice may have melted completely by 2040, leaving the Arctic ocean navigable and the polar bears with nowhere to go.

Last week's return of the pack ice to Iceland initially suggested that those predictions might have been overly pessimistic.

"I have lived here my whole life, but I have never seen so much pack ice before," said Helgi Árnason, a farmer in -Dyrafjördur.

"Forty years ago, large icebergs drifted on to beaches but it was nothing compared with this.

"[Pack ice] used to be Iceland's ancient enemy, but we stay calm so long as the situation doesn't worsen. This is just to remind us where we live."

Think the media will cover this story? Or, will they do a collective Emily Litella "Never mind?"

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