Keith Olbermann Attacks Fox ‘Nothing’ Channel

As reported by NewsBusters, the Fox News Channel lobbed quite a shot across the bow of its cable competitors Saturday with a new promo claiming it to be “The Only Cable News Channel That Does Not Bring You The Usual Left Wing Bias.” Feeling that he was up to the challenge, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann fired back on Monday’s “Countdown” (video available here):

Speaking of satire, the Fox nothing channel, sorry we can no longer seriously use the word news in connection with what they put out.  They have launched a new advertising campaign. Nobody would ever accuse the Fox nothing channel of being honest or principled, but they used to be good at stuff like that. 

That’s quite a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black, dontcha think? After all, nobody has ever accused KO of being honest or principled including his former employers and colleagues that Olby seems to constantly be at odds with as reported here, here, here, here, and here.

Yet, this wasn’t KO’s only swipe at Fox News Monday evening, for the cable station was also part of a quartet of media outlets he named as his “Worst Persons in the World”:

But the winners, the “Washington Times,” it‘s magazine “Insight,” Fox nothing Channel and it‘s print idiot cousin the “New York Post.”  The magazine quoted an unnamed source which claimed Senator Obama had, when he was six years old, attended a Muslim madrassa.  It would be a nice trick, since a madrassa is a college or even a grad school that he would have been in when he was six

Well, speaking of being honest or principled, Olby was either lying to his audience about madrassas, or once again showing his ignorance. Husain Haqqani reported for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in April 2004: “As a young boy, I attended a madrassa in my hometown of Karachi.” Mehru Jaffer wrote at “Thousands of madrassas around the world are said to take in children as early as the tender age of six.”

As such, either Olbermann was lying, or showing that, once again, facts are less important than agenda. Alas, his rant continued:

But, of course, the story was not true to begin with.  A call to Senator Obama‘s office produced an outright denial.  A visit to the madrassa proved that he was not there. 

But Fox nothing channel and the Post made it worse, quoting additional unnamed sources, they claimed the story had been spread by researchers connected to Senator Clinton.  That was outright denied by her office.  So one part of the right slime machine takes a lie, doesn‘t even bother to get the denial and prints it.  Then another part of the right wing slime machine takes the lie, lies about who lied it and these mongrels are somehow legally allowed to pretend they‘re justified in calling themselves news organization.  The “Washington Times,” “Insight Magazine,” Fox nothing Channel and the “New York Post, today‘s Worst Persons in the World. 

Amazing. So, in Olbermann’s bizarre world, when a Democrat denies wrongdoing, he or she must be believed. However, he certainly doesn’t afford the same courtesy for Republicans.

And this guy has the unmitigated audacity to point fingers at others as being legally allowed to call themselves news organizations?

Physician, heal thyself!

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