‘24’ Goes Nuclear

For fans of the hit television series “24”, Monday night was an astounding event. Personally, I was left speechless for several minutes after the stunning conclusion, and had to watch the second hour again to convince myself that I had actually seen what I had seen (video available here courtesy of our friend at Ms Underestimated).

Yet, upon reflection, I wonder how many people in the media understand how possible what was depicted last evening is. As folks on the nation’s airwaves continue to downplay the seriousness of terrorism, and undermine virtually all of the current Administration’s efforts to thwart conscienceless aggression against Western civilization, have they really pondered the unthinkable? Or, have they all grown complacent as we move continually further and further away from that fateful day in September 2001?

(Update: Keith Olbermann doesn't like "24", or NewsBusters' opinion of the program.)

Regardless, this video should be required viewing for all media members who question what's at risk, and whether there really is a war on terror.

Those who haven’t seen it yet should first be cautioned about it being a “spoiler,” and then be warned about the seriousness of its content. This is not for the faint of heart.

War on Terrorism
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