Barbara Walters Chooses Rosie (and Ratings?) Over ‘The Donald’

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, a squabble between ABC’s Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters was either a sign of increasing troubles between the co-hosts of the daytime coffee klatch “The View,” or a publicity stunt for ratings. On Wednesday, we may have gotten the answer as the twosome said some disparaging comments about Rosie’s new foe Donald Trump, and expressed solidarity with an on-camera high-five (video available here, hat tip to Drudge).

For those not getting bored with this story – truth be told, I am at this point, and would suggest Trump, who has already written a response to the twosome, stop feeding this silly fire any further – a transcript follows:

Rosie: Well -- he's at it again. [laughter] How about that Barbara? You OK?

Walters: I'm OK, darling. You OK?

Rosie: I'm OK, too. We both OK? What can you say about that guy?

Walters: That poor, pathetic man.

Rosie: Yes! [cheers and applause] Sister-friend, give me a high-five! [cheers and applause]

Walters: He just can't let go. But we're moving on.

Rosie: The man is obsessed with me. And I'm happy to say, his show tanked. [cheers and applause]

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