ABC to Air Sawyer on North Korea Friday Night; She Touted 'Happiest Children in World'

At 9pm EST/PST (8pm CST/MST) on Friday night (Dec. 8), ABC will air a special edition of Primetime, “North Korea: Inside the Shadows” which will feature Diane Sawyer recounting what she found in that communist nation during a trip there back in October. If her hour-long program matches what aired in October, be prepared for a lot of North Korea officials bashing President Bush and for Sawyer to trumpet “happy” kids.

On the October 19 World News, Sawyer proved little more than a conveyor belt for the repressive communist regime's propaganda. Talking to a North Korean Army General, she relayed how “he said to us, 'make it clear to everyone in the United States, if there is another nuclear test, the person responsible is George Bush,' because he said, 'the Bush administration is backing North Korea into a corner with its pressures and its sanctions.'" In a second segment, Sawyer was taken to a school which she favorably described as “a world away from the unruly individualism of any American school." She gushed: “Ask them about their country, and they can't say enough." A teenage girl declared, in English: “We are the happiest children in the world.” Sawyer ended her piece with video of her and the class singing "Do-Re-Mi" from the Sound of Music. Far from being embarrassed by Sawyer's obsequious approach, anchor Charles Gibson proposed: "A fascinating glimpse of North Korea."

Video clip of Sawyer's segment with the school children (1:09): Real (1.9 MB) or Windows Media (2.7 MB), plus MP3 audio (340 KB)

My October 20 NewsBusters item, “Sawyer Relays NK Propaganda Blaming Bush & Touting 'Happiest Children in the World,'” provided a full transcripts of Sawyer's pieces with the General and the kids and noted how Sawyer's sycophantic segments were reminiscent of Bob Woodruff's reports from North Korea back in June of 2005 as documented in the June 10, 2005 MRC CyberAlert article, “ABC: North Koreans Hate Americans, Offer Great Music/Art for Kids.”

North Korea Primetime Live Video
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