Hotel Chain Drops CNN over Sniper Video

It seems like CNN (and not Fox News) is on every public TV. But one hotel chain has decided that the liberal news network crossed the line when it showed a terrorist video. Reports the AP:

A Midwest hotel chain has pulled CNN from the TV channel lineup in its guest rooms, saying the cable network was aiding terrorism with the broadcast of a video showing Iraqi snipers shooting at U.S. troops.

The broadcast, which aired Oct. 18 on CNN and CNN Headline News, featured portions of a tape the network said it obtained from a rebel group, Islamic Army of Iraq.

It crossed the line from journalism to propaganda, said James Thompson, president of Iowa-based Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp. ''It was shocking and repulsive,'' he said. ''Their actions supported terrorism.''

Comments from guests are running 3-to-1 in favor of the decision, Thompson said.

The chain has hotels in East Peoria, Moline, Quincy and Galena, Ill. Columbia and St. Joseph, Mo.; Des Moines and Waukon, Iowa, and La Crosse and Wausau, Wis.

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