Roger Hedgecock, the former San Diego mayor turned conservative talk radio host, called MSNBC's Chris Matthews a liar to his face Friday evening.

This resulted in quite a heated exchange between the two on HBO's Real Time (video follows with transcript and commentary):

NewsBusters @ CPAC 2009Washington, D.C. -- The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for 2009 is underway and NewsBusters is here to cover it at the lovely Omni Shoreham Hotel on Bloggers Row. We're not sure how much we'll blog per se, but you can also follow us on Twitter @TheMRC and @KenShepherd.

You can watch a Web stream of the CPAC proceedings at Ustream here.You can watch the streaming video embedded below the page break on this post.

Be sure to set your stopwatch alarm for 3:40 p.m. That will give you a good 5-minute warning for a CPAC panel discussion entitled Targets of the Fairness Doctrine, moderated by MRC/NewsBusters's own Seton Motley. Radio host Roger Hedgecock and former and current MSNBCers Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough will comprise the panel. 

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