Following the death of Michael Brown and the ensuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri, one topic of conversation that has drawn a lot of attention is whether or not Al Sharpton can serve as both an activist and be the host of a daily MSNBC program.

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Marc Lamont Hill, CNN contributor and HuffPost Live host, defended Sharpton’s dual roles and argued that “Al Sharpton is no different than Sean Hannity. He's no different than Glenn Beck was. He's no different than many pundits who had TV shows.” [See video below.] 

MSNBC host Ed Schultz has had it in for conservative radio talker and author Glenn Beck ever since Beck's Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in August 2010 vastly overdrew a union-sponsored rally held at the same site several weeks later where Schultz was among the speakers.

In his most recent criticism of Beck, Schultz actually slammed Beck for not going to college -- which is amusing considering Schultz's decided lack of interest in what Obama did while in higher ed. Anyone curious about that, though, is clearly a racist. (Audio after the jump)

Considering that Ed Schultz has been forced to apologize for calling Laura Ingraham a "slut" and for deceptively editing Rick Perry, one might think he would accept the regret of others. On Monday, however, the Ed Show anchor mocked a contrite Glenn Beck, deriding the conservative's reflection over past remarks as not going "far enough." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Beck has apologized for "stupid" statements he's made. With no sense of irony, Schultz berated Beck: "Running his mouth eventually caught up to him...Stupid doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what Beck said." The liberal host then played an extended montage of Beck calling Obama a "racist," among other comments. An unforgiving Schultz lectured, "Glenn Beck's submission didn't go far enough as I see it. His commentary wasn't just stupid, it was vile." 

David Remnick, on Tuesday’s Charlie Rose show, actually compared state-controlled Russian TV anchors to Glenn Beck. The editor of the New Yorker magazine told the PBS host that Vladimir Putin benefits from “a media that’s completely in the hands of the state” and then went on to liken pro-Putin anchors to the former conservative Fox News host and current CEO of The Blaze.

Remnick: “Imagine that Glenn Beck were in every anchor chair but he was appointed by the President of the United States. It’s, it’s that perverse. The sense of ‘they are out to get us’ is profound. And people who used to be on the margins, people who used to be on the kind of nutty margins of the discussion, have now been empowered to be on television, and are very forceful voices.” (video after the jump)

If you needed further evidence that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz lacks the maturity of someone who hosts a program on one of the major cable news networks, well here you go. The Ed Show host apparently tweeted out that the program had more Scott Walker news – presumably negative – which got the attention of The Blaze, when a reporter, Dan Andros, tweeted back at Schultz: “so shady! like that time you were bought and paid for by the Democratic party”. The tweet included a link which showed that Schultz got his slot on MSNBC through the Democratic Party.

Naturally, Schultz could not resist responding to Andros, initially tweeting (grammar is Schultz's): “work for the Blaze ? Now that’s a real job. !”. After a witty reply from Andros pointing out that Glenn Beck is listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most powerful celebrities, Schultz replied yet again, this time through a direct message, with a personal attack on Beck, in what would barely qualify as English:

Frank Rich, the cultural leftist that used to write Broadway reviews and then opinion columns for The New York Times, writes for New York magazine now. He’s just launched a new 4,000-word opus on the question “Can Conservatives Be Funny?” His cheeky verdict? The free market says no.

Spurred into this task by Rush Limbaugh’s attack on rising CBS late-night star Stephen Colbert, Rich had to admit it’s a desert out there. “Conservative comedy is hard to find on television once you get past the most often cited specimen, Dennis Miller.” Indeed, some Americans haven’t figured out that Colbert’s satirizing a conservative moron.

On Tuesday afternoon’s closing segment of MSNBC’s The Cycle, host Krystal Ball delivered an epic soliloquy, holding nothing back as she attacked the Tea Party from just about every angle.

The segment was introduced by clips of Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz all using the phrase “We the People.” She chided the recent efforts of various “Tea Party” groups which fell short on delivering a crowd at different planned protests. What followed was boiler-plate MSNBC spin which seeks to pump up its left-wing audience by seeking to marginalize and misrepresent conservatism. Ball accused conservatives of having “developed a strange relationship with reality.” This strange relationship, of course, in Ball’s words because of conservatives:

On the Monday, April 28, The Ed Show, MSNBC host Ed Schultz devoted the first segment of nearly 15 minutes of his show to trying to link prominent conservatives like Paul Ryan to the racist views of people like Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, whom the MSNBC host failed to label as a Democratic donor. 

Schultz charged that Ryan and other GOPers "support policies that attack minorities" and later reiterated that conservatives "fuel racism by their policies that attack minorities." [See video below.] 

Known more for getting in the faces of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber the tabloid/paparazzi show TMZ turned its camera sights on conservative Ted Cruz and the Tea Party. Not surprisingly the cast couldn’t get through the segment without mocking conservatives as racist, homophobic and just totally uncool.

After ambushing the GOP senator to get his take on a coloring book titled “Cruz to the Future” being a top Christmas-seller, the TMZ team turned to a different book that featured the Tea Party, as the announcer mocked: “Meantime you got the Tea Party Coloring Book. No Colors Allowed!” The show also created a fake coloring book where the user could make Glenn Beck “a black guy,” or make Herman Cain “a black guy” and have Michele Bachmann preside over a gay wedding. (video after the jump)

Is there anything MSNBC hosts won't compare conservatives to?

Consider Chris Matthews who began Friday's Hardball likening conservatives such as Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mark Levin, and Rand Paul - who have the nerve to oppose the budget compromise just passed in the House - to North Korean despot Kim Jong Un killing his uncle (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Eric Deggans of National Public Radio sat in the guest-host chair on CNN's "Reliable Sources" show on Sunday, and pressed Amy Holmes of TheBlaze TV several times on how she should be more forgiving of Martin Bashir's outrageous remarks about Sarah Palin. First, he suggested, "Martin Bashir apologized for his comments. He reached out to the Palin family.Is there really a problem here? Or are competitors and partisan people try to make an issue being made out of something that has already passed?"

One doesn't have to be a partisan to suggest an on-air apology might seem like a weak punishment. Holmes cited that MSNBC removed David Shuster from the air (never to return) for suggesting Hillary Clinton "pimped out" her daughter Chelsea on the campaign trail. So Deggans turned the issue to Glenn Beck, who Holmes works for: [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

Fox News's Chris Wallace said last week that the folks at the New York Times must be "breaking out in hives" as a result of Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly topping their Best Sellers List.

Talk radio host Glenn Beck took this a step further Wednesday ticking off five books by right-leaning authors currently topping the charts deliciously observing, “Conservatives now are dominating the book world - and that’s got to be driving people crazy” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):