On CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, Vox.com's Ezra Klein lamented the attention President Donald Trump continues to receive, whining that his rallies and tweets are crowding out "other important issues." Klein wants the establishment press and cable news — by that, he clearly means everyone but Fox — to pay less attention to Trump, even though he effectively admitted that doing so would cause hits to ratings and online traffic (Earth to Ezra: You're in charge of a business). Fox, which is already crushing its rivals, would probably love it if the rest of the press were to follow Klein's suggestion.

A teenage Iranian gymnast was arrested by the Iranian government for dancing in videos that were posted on Instagram.


One might expect Jerry Seinfeld's latest edition of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, "2018: Freshly Brewed," on Netflix to get political, since comedians just can't seem to help themselves right now in jumping on the Trump bashing train, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the focus on funny instead of on politics. In fact, when guests tried to get political, Seinfeld quickly shut them down, or - shock - they talked about liberal intolerance!

Last week, the California Supreme Court ruled that the review website Yelp cannot be forced to take down negative reviews. The Associated Press reported, in a 4-3 decision, the court claimed that coercing Yelp into taking down reviews “could interfere with and undermine the viability of an online platform.”


Following a Washington Post report about Twitter purging allegedly fake and suspicious accounts, President Donald Trump recommended the site also suspend the accounts of the “Failing New York Times” and the “propaganda machine for Amazon, the Washington Post.”

So. What do we have here? First, Facebook censors a posting of a segment from the Declaration of Independence as “hate speech.” Next, actor James Woods loses his agent because of his conservative and pro-Trump views. Then last but not least, when it comes clear that the liberals of Martha’s Vineyards are turning socially on their old friend and neighbor Alan Dershowitz, the Morning Joe crowd snarks it up and says he “has to suffer the consequences” for his views.

There were two developments Monday in the disgraceful year-long, media-underplayed saga involving threats on Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul's life. First, federal prosecutors appealed the 30-day sentence given to Rene Boucher, who violently assaulted Paul in November. Meanwhile, as NewsBusters' Nicholas Fondacro noted in a separate Monday evening post, Capitol Police arrested a man who threatened to kill Paul and “chop up” his family with an ax. Paul has now had three serious threats against his life in just over a year. Media coverage has all too often come off as indifferent and even dismissive, especially concerning the November assault.

Actor Seth Rogen took to Twitter to assert that he has been in communication with CEO Jack Dorsey about the site allegedly verifying the accounts of white supremacists. Rogen claims that after eight months of discussion with Dorsey, he has come to the “conclusion” that Dorsey “simply does not seem to give a f**k.”

If you’re looking for yet another reason to be grateful to live in the United States of America this Fourth of July, look no further than Uganda, which just introduced a tax on social media.


Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who reportedly made $500 million from to his 2 percent stake in the company, has been recently campaigning on a platform of guaranteed basic income at the expense of the 1 percent.


A new study released by the Pew Research Center shows that a majority of Americans believe it is likely that social media sites censor political views. A majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe social media sites censor political viewpoints.


Twitter has received extensive criticism for promoting a left-wing agenda. Its CEO Jack Dorsey just added to the problem. Dorsey shared a post expressing admiration for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic Socialist who won her primary challenge against incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley for the 14th congressional district in New York.