Bill O'Reilly Takes After Rapper's 'Reap What You Sow' Gaffe on MSNBC: 'Colossal Ignorance'

Picking up on the same unfortunate clip NewsBusters relayed of rapper Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan on MSNBC, Fox News star Bill O'Reilly dedicated his Talking Points Memo on Thursday night to the rapper's "colossal ignorance" and the bizarre reaction of black activists to getting resignations in Ferguson.

O'Reilly said “inflammatory rhetoric can get police officers killed” and blamed the shooting on "anarchists."

O'REILLY: Two police officers shot and wounded. They have now been released from the hospital. Now, I believe the protesters did not -- did not -- shoot the officers. This was a calculated ambush by an anarchists, people who want to create violent situations inside the USA. The total population of Ferguson is just over 21,000 people, so less than 1 percent of residents were protesting last night. Why the low number? Because there was nothing to protest. The city's changing, trying to put the Michael Brown shooting behind it.

But anarchism is growing in America. Whenever controversial situations arise, these people show up looking for trouble. And they are not always condemned. Listen to rapper Method Man going unchallenged on MSNBC.

METHOD MAN, RAPPER: This thing that happened I guess in Ferguson just now with the two officers -- sad, very sad. I hate to say that FBI report kind of played into this and these things shouldn't be happening, but you reap what you sow, in a sense.

O'REILLY: So, according to Mr. Method Man, because the FBI did an honest investigation, supervised by Attorney General Eric Holder, the two police officers reaped what they sowed? That kind of colossal ignorance drives violence and the NBC anchor sits there and says nothing? Good grief.

Talking Points does not believe the police shootings last night were racial in any way. Again, they're an anti-American play. And it is the job of the press to expose the haters, not lump them in with legitimate protesters. Right now, that job not being done. And that's the Memo.

Then he turned to author Matthew Vadum, who said George Soros is funding the Ferguson protests.

O'REILLY: George Soros, the billionaire far left loon, his money pours into these community groups, the ones you mentioned in Missouri, and they organize and fund sometimes transportation, other things, and they say, look, be here at a certain time. And the goal is, what? What does Soros want? Why is he doing that?

VADUM: Soros wants instability. He wants unrest. His goal -- he has said on the record -- is that he thinks that America needs a European-style social democracy. He wants America to turn into socialist state like the European -- the countries of Western Europe.

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