Ten Topics That Americans Googled More Than Climate Change

September 20th, 2019 12:27 PM

The media is hyping the Global Climate Strike, especially in the United States, where 800 marches were planned. Tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Wikipedia have large bodies of employees who are going on strike. 

But are these people in touch with what Americans care about?

Google Trends tweeted “In the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring how people search for the environment. Over time, there’s no clear pattern showing increased search interest in climate change or the environment in recent years.” 

Australia is number one on the list of countries that have been Googling climate change. But the United States is number 5. Here are ten other topics that interest Americans more than climate change in the 24 hours between September 19 and September 20: 

(Climate change is represented by the blue lines. The numbers are given in percentages. Graphs pulled from Google Trends

President Donald Trump: 


The President of the United States has been searched six times more than climate change, in the past 24 hours, according to Google Trends. 


The good old American pastime of football was considered 43 times more interesting than climate change. The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Tennessee Titans last night. Climate change is hardly the first thing on people’s minds in the morning. 

Area 51

The Area 51 raid was 17 times more interesting than climate change, to Americans. The meme event on Facebook that started as a joke but quickly grew to two million spiked Googlers’ interests. 


The popular tv show Friends is apparently still more interesting than climate change to Americans. It’s 13 times more searched, even though the last episode aired in 2004. 

The Moon

Three times more people care about the Moon than they care about climate change. China just took new pictures of the surface of the moon. 


Even though rugby is not necessarily an American sport, the Rugby World Cup still dominates the Google Search, more than Amazon employees’ first organized strike. 26 percent interest in rugby towers over the 19 percent interest in climate change.



More people are looking for or at the jobs in the area than they are looking for climate change. Nineteen times more people want jobs more than they care about climate change. 


Christians are searched twice as much as climate change. Even though the liberal media likes to say that Christianity is not “universal,” according to the Washington Post, climate change is even less universal. 


The popular video game Fortnite is more searched in the United States than climate change. Almost twice as many searches for Fortnite have happened in the past 24 hours. 

Justin Trudeau


The Canadian Prime Minister, recently outed for wearing blackface, has been searched almost three times as much as climate change.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Democrats and Republicans seem to “live in different worlds.”