What a Joke: YouTube Bans Video for Calling Modern Times ‘Clown World’

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Big Tech’s fear of clowns appears to be no laughing matter.

A YouTuber known as the Video Lexicographer released an installment of his “Video Dictionary,” a channel where “we explore the language and the words we use every day.”

This particular video explored the internet term, “Clown World,” -- the internet’s latest shorthand for liberal insanity.

He went into the etymology of the word “clown” as well as the history of clowns as entertainment. 

“Recently the meme Clown World has exploded as a way to describe the state of our society, our media, our world. Where people that call themselves 'anti racist' literally ask for segregation. Everything seems to have turned upside down.”

“The whole idea behind this” he summarizes “all you can do is laugh now.”

He used a metaphor to say that if life is a book, that the portion we as a society are in right now ”is a comedy.” Though he also praised President Trump saying “he’s exposed the clowns for who they are.”

He announced via his Twitter account @LexiKEKographer on the morning of September 30 that it “looks like YT has a problem with the word Clown being in my dictionary. They stuck down the video and gave me a community guidelines warning.”

This came with a screenshot of the warning where YouTube claimed that his video “violates our hate speech policy.”

The YouTuber tweeted that the video “is still up and available over on my primary video hosting service @bitchute.”

YouTube Censorship Project

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