Trump’s Favorite Meme Creator Explains His Faulty Twitter Suspension

The man who created some of most famous Trump memes is back on Twitter after a bogus suspension.

The account that goes by @CarpeDonktum tweeted that while he was restored as of May 10, his account’s restoration is “is not the fairy tale ending as we had hoped.” He continued by explaining, “For 8 days I worked within the @Twitter appeal system. IT FAILED CATASTROPHICALLY.” He then added how Twitter “admits I broke no rules, but that decision was OVERRULED by SOMEONE at the top.”

CarpeDonktum’s memes have been shared by President Trump and other popular conservative leaders. Last April, CarpeDonktum made one parody clip skewering Vice President Joe Biden’s apology video by photoshopping another Joe Biden creeping from behind and sniffing his hair.

Another CarpeDonktum video retweeted by President Trump featured Democrats attending the 2019 State of the Union speech. The video, parodying the sore loser attitude of Democrat attendees was set to “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

Breaking News Live reported that Twitter had suspended @CarpeDonktum “after far-left Krassenstein brothers started a pressure campaign against him.” The Daily Caller first reported his suspension May 10.

He accused the Krassenstein brothers of falsely reporting his tweet as an act of “targeted harassment” and deliberately breaking Twitter’s Terms of Service to do so.

While his account was still visible and could receive messages of support, he could not post any tweets of his own for a few days.

Director and producer Robby Starbuck commented that he spoke with Twitter about @CarpeDonktum’s suspension, commending them for making “a wise decision in favor of the 1st Amendment’s satire/parody protections.” With the account restored he rejoiced that now “he can make America laugh again!”

He expressed gratitude to people inside Twitter who stood up for free speech, “I know you are there and I know what you did. It's nice to know that free speech has SOME friends within Big Tech, even if they cannot always be victorious. I hope you continue to fight.”

He announced that he has blocked the liberal activist brothers “@EdKrassen and @Krassenstein,” who he has accused of leading mass reporting mobs to deplatform conservatives. He suggested to his followers that they should block them as well if they wish to avoid being deplatformed by mass reporting campaigns themselves, “You can't report what you don't see.” 

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