Piers Morgan on Charleston Shooting: ‘Your Gun Culture Is Disgusting'

As surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, whenever a gun-related mass murder occurs anywhere in the United States, former Cable News Network host and current editor-in-charge for the DailyMall.com website Piers Morgan comes out swinging while demanding more stringent gun control.

Due to the tragic murder of nine people when a young, white gunman opened fire inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday night, Morgan declared: “Such a sickening outrage. Wake up, America. Your gun culture is disgusting."

To almost no one's surprise, the former CNN anchor dashed out an article entitled “26 Things That Made Me Sick to My Stomach the Minute I Woke up This Morning ... Again.”

The lengthy diatribe began:

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of waking up to yet another hideous, needless gun massacre in America. I’m sick of seeing the helpless, grieving relatives weeping and wailing for their lost ones.

I’m sick of hearing that the mass shooter, as at Newton, Aurora and now Charleston, was a twisted young white kid with a mental disorder who had absurdly easy access to guns.

While admitting that one reason he lost his weeknight program on CNN was his constant crusade against gun use and ownership, this time around he added a new target: America's news media, which he claims is “immune to gun violence stories.”

“They give them attention for a day or two, then move on,” he stated in an article on the TVNewser website. “It’s a collective shrug of the shoulders, with the unspoken attitude: ‘What can anyone do about it?’ It’s one of the main reasons why nothing ever does get done about it.

“They should all be screaming at the politicians to tackle the appalling gun culture that now pervades every aspect of American life,” he continued.

As usual, Morgan made most of his case using posts on the Twitter website.

“Gunman sat alongside victims for an hour during a Bible study class,” he tweeted. “Sick f**k.”

National Rifle Association logic: "If only every young person in that Bible study class had been armed with a gun, too, it wouldn't have happened,” Morgan stated.

When @standupkid asked: “Think anyone on American TV will take a page from your book and try to talk guns after Charleston?” he replied bluntly: “Nope.”

Morgan also criticized the fact that suspect Dylann Roof was given his gun by his father as a birthday gift before posting his picture alongside one of Adam Lanza, the gunman of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.

Two twisted little weirdos given guns by their parents,” he stated.

The gun-control advocate then predicted gun sales in South Carolina would increase since “it's the only way that America knows how to react to a crisis.”

It didn't take long for people who disagree with Morgan to begin firing back, leading him to describe such comments as “Gun nuts instantly spewing their venom over my new column. Good. Bring it on, you nasty pieces of work.

@Daniel_Averill told him to “shut the f**k up. Only you would use this as an opportunity to make jokes about guns.”

“I'm not joking,” the British native replied.

@chadhartsfield summed up his view of the situation in just four words: “Mental health issue. Period.”

“Not 300 million guns, Chad?” Morgan inquired.

“When will you stop blaming the gun and start blaming the shooter?” @Sean_Squier asked.

“Without a gun, he can't shoot,” Morgan grumbled in response. “Get it?”

@Dloesch posted: “I pray you learn to discuss things without being so hateful.” The British commentator fired back: “You use the words 'pray' & 'hateful' today? Really?”

“Why don't you go back to the UK? … Limey moron,” @bigmac1011 asked. “I'm (already) in the UK,” Morgan replied.

The bodies “in Charleston are not cold yet, but sick degenerate Piers Morgan is already exploiting the tragedy to crusade against Second Amendment rights,” @Werwolf96 stated.

@flip4bayern asserted: “With gun control, the public will be disarmed. How do we prevent criminals from acquiring guns via illegal sources?”

Morgan concluded his article by stating:

I’m sick of being told that guns are essential to defeat tyranny when guns themselves have become the single most deadly, tyrannical force in the country.

I’m sick of all the tears and misery and fury and despair felt by everyone whose life is touched and destroyed by guns in America.

I’m sick of this. YOU should be, too.

What we're actually sick of is people from other countries trying to tell Americans how to live our lives and who have been at it for the past several years. When will Piers Morgan and others like him finally give that up?


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