Daily Kos Week in Review: Requiring Eric Holder to Testify? Racist

A certain type of knee-jerk leftist believes that all criticism of President Obama is, at bottom, racist. This week, one Kossack extended that principle to calls for Obama's black attorney general, Eric Holder, to testify before Congress. The Kossack alleged that said calls come from "cracker Republicans" who consider Holder their "nigger."

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

Brown Man ATL: Republicans, the white-supremacist party

I have had enough of all these holier than thou cracker-ass cracker Republicans who think the Attorney General of the motherfucking United States of America has nothing better to do than come to Congress every week like he has been summoned to the motherfucking principal’s office for another round of in-school suspension.

Eric Holder is not your nigger...

Kaili Joy Gray: A plug for the Fortnight for Freedom

Do you love Jesus? Do you hate vaginas? Do you think pedophiles get a raw deal? Then boy oh boy does the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have something special for you...

quiet is the new loud: For conservatives, freedom is slavery

...I have no idea how the right has hijacked [the word 'freedom']...

The only freedom the right offers is freedom from freedom -- freedom to be robots/slaves/dittoheads of those at the top who have all the money and power... 

The left offers true freedom. The freedom to spend time with your family, freedom to earn more money (via unions), freedom to grow, freedom to learn, freedom to say what you want, freedom to not be afraid of drinking dirty water, freedom to not go bankrupt when you are sick, freedom to leave your job and become an entrepreneur (because of Obamacare).

When people think of Obama, the first thing they need to think of is freedom.  When they think of Romney they need to think of oppression, because that is honestly the only thing that Republicans offer. 

That's why righty politicians have to lie so much -- they need 51% of people to sign up for greater oppression, which is a tough sell...

Jed Lewison: Obama's the moderate; Romney's the extremist
...Listening to Obama talk [in his Cleveland speech] about how he's issue[d] fewer regulations than Bush did in his first three years, and how he doesn't believe in providing government aid to people who refuse to help themselves, I find myself once again shaking my head at my fellow Americans on the right who look at Obama and cannot see the man for who he really is: a middle-of-the-road American president.

...Obama is placing himself squarely in the American mainstream. His vision is a shared vision in America, and had been shared across the political spectrum, he says, until the current crop of Republicans—including Mitt Romney—decided that government was the enemy and that the market was everything...

arendt: One, two, many George Zimmermans

...Every day I grow more convinced that this country is in the shitter, that big money rules and will use idiot fundamentalists and angry goons like George Zimmerman as capos and overseers in the Friendly Fascist country formerly known as "the land of the free".

 Anyone who thinks that laughing off this disgusting affront to reason is the end of this story is whistling past a graveyard full of disappeared victims. They are boiling us slowly, and no one is jumping out of the pot. 

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