FALSE: CNN's Oliver Darcy Claims Fox News 'Ignored' Dispute Over 1/6 Documents

October 10th, 2021 7:12 AM

Brad Slager at RedState reports CNN's Oliver Darcy proved he was a terrible Fox News-buster. On 8 pm at Friday, Darcy's "Reliable Sources" newsletter led with the headline "The story missing from Fox's air." Inside, Darcy insisted:

Fox conspicuously ignores fight over 1/6 docs

As I just mentioned, the top story on WaPo's homepage right now is related to the fight over 1/6 documents sought after by the House committee investigating the insurrection. But over on Fox News, it was a non-story. I searched transcripts at 5pm, and found no instances of the right-wing talk network covering the story. In fact, the only time I saw the issue come up on Fox's air was when a reporter asked about it in the White House press briefing. And when that happened, Fox made the decision to immediately cut away...

This is a common CNN complaint about Fox News: that it doesn't share its obsession over the Capitol Hill riot. CNN and MSNBC couldn't stop talking about it.

But he made a rookie media-critic mistake. If you're going to say something was "ignored," that media coverage was "zero," then you better nail that down. Darcy missed that it had been mentioned just hours before on Special Report with Bret Baier in the 6 pm hour: 

BAIER: Peter, how's the White House responded to a request by President Trump to shield certain documents relating to the January 6th episode?

DOOCY: Officials here are saying, no. They're not going to do it. This January 6th, committee up on Capitol Hill requested about 50 documents President Trump and his lawyers claimed that they were subject to executive privilege.

But officials here looked at it and they said no, those documents are not subject to executive privilege anymore. You're not the president, so this is likely going to wind up in court soon. Bret.

Darcy could kvetch the story is under-played in his opinion, but "ignored" is not factual. It turns out Darcy used the word "subpoena" to search for January 6 stories. Johnny Dollar made fun of that on Twitter: 

A couple of hours after Darcy pushed "send" on his newsletter, Raymond Arroyo interviewed former congressman Bob Barr on The Ingraham Angle on the executive-privilege fight.