It Appears a Second Fake-News Edition of the WashPost Is Out Today

Yesterday it was discovered that a fake news edition of The Washington Post had been printed and was being distributed around the city. Today the Media Research Center discovered that now a second fake news edition of the Post is being distributed all over the city: 


Some of the unbelievably overdone headlines: 

-- Pelosi ups shutdown pressure on Trump: Request to delay State of the Union part of Speaker's ongoing power play.

-- Ocasio-Cortez tweets her disdain for persistent conservative criticism: Even some Republicans are protesting snipes at her clothing, intellect. 

-- Gillibrand seeks to define herself as she starts campaign: Democratic senator is immediately asked about being "likable."

-- Lifting student aid ban for inmates could boost economies, study says: Prisoners have been prevented from using Pell grants since 1994. 

-- At hearing, Trump's EPA nominee vows to advance a deregulatory agenda: Appearance comes as shutdown limits some of agency's basic functions.

-- Mueller again focus of Barr hearings: Pick for attorney general must commit to releasing report, Democrats say.

Ooops. Sorry. Those ARE actual print headlines of The Washington Post on Thursday. 


Washington Post

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