Randi Rhodes: 'Champion Haters' in Conservative Media Use 'False Premise' That Late-Term Abortionist Was a 'Killer'

The first part of this Randi Rhodes radio rant on Monday was typical: "But that was a rare admission by the conservative media, that they are world heavyweight champion haters, liars, distorters, and by the way, there is nothing on the Left that is equal, approaching equal, near equal, because even though the Left opines, we actually look at the facts and how we find them is where we go. That's when we start making our opinions!"

Rhodes would claim to be utterly fact-based...and then utterly collapsed by declaring it is a "false premise" to call the murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller a "baby killer," as Bill O'Reilly did.

We don't go with a false premise like Tiller is a baby killer and then after someone kills him say, "Oh I didn't have anything to do with it and live in an some alternate reality!" There's no equivalent!

Liberals claim to be "reality-based" science lovers, and then they turn around and say a fully-formed viable "fetus" that could survive outside the womb is not a living human being that is "killed." It's merely a "terminated pregnancy."

Then these "fact-based" liberals claim that Tiller was not a "killer," but somehow Bill O'Reilly is "culpable" for Tiller's murder for calling him what he was. Tiller's shooter was a killer, just like Tiller was. Rhodes can't embrace either of those realities, but she insists the conservatives are world-champion liars?

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