Bill Press and Guest Joke About Ann Romney Strapping Her Olympic Horse to Airplane Roof

The Bill Press radio show returned to mocking Ann Romney and her dressage horse on Friday. Dave Zirin, a sports writer for The Nation began with "Dressage, a word so many of us didn't even know before a few months ago." Bill Press replied, "And Thursday here poor Ann Romney is there with Rafalca...Doesn't get to dance until Thursday and Mitt Romney is not even going to be there."

Then came a rude joke about putting the horse on the roof of an airplane:

ZIRIN: Unbelievable and the decision to strap Rafalca to the roof of their private plane I just thought was very tacky. Horrible for the horse's training.

PRESS: Especially all the way across the Atlantic.

Liberal blogs have circulated this joke, too:

Also on Friday's show, Press repeatedly denounced Bristol Palin as an "airhead":

PRESS: Here’s the deal, okay? Look, we dodged a bullet by not getting Sarah Palin in the White House, but you know who won that election? Bristol Palin. Now we’re stuck with this airhead.

PETER OGBURN, producer: She’s got a TV show now.

PRESS: She’s got a TV show. You know, she’s got a -- I don’t know, all the publicity on the cover of these teeny magazines. She’s got a book out. right? Yet she’s become the go-to person on advice and how not to get knocked up in the backseat of a car. I mean God it’s just ridiculous. Such an airhead.

On Monday, Press and his guest (and former Biden aide) Joe Cirincione thought Romney's remarks about Israeli culture bringing more economic vitality than in the Palestinian territories were clearly racist:

PRESS: The idea that they’re (Palestinians) poor and the Israelis are rich because of the cultural....

CIRINCIONE: The superior culture, well clearly this has racist implications.

PRESS: Totally.

CIRINCIONE: which is what many Palestinians are saying that this is the superiority of the white European culture over all other cultures.

PRESS: It’s what a lot of Americans say about Mexicans.

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