CNN Lifts Suspension of GLAAD-Blessed Roland Martin

After five weeks with his nose turned to the corner, CNN is withdrawing the suspension of liberal political analyst Roland Martin for Super Bowl Sunday tweets that offended the gay censorship lobby. CNN is apparently pleased with Martin's sackcloth-and-ashes apology tour with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Martin met with GLAAD lobbyist (and former CNN producer) Herndon Graddick on Valentine's Day.

Fishbowl DC reported late Monday that "CNN staff was alerted today on the 10 am conference call that Roland Martin's suspension has been lifted." He no doubt pleased GLAAD by complaining on Twitter Monday that no one had a sense of humor who was "tripping" at the show "GCB."  He said Christians should "lighten up." The show could not be made if it was titled "Good Gay Bitches."

He added, "The argument of Christians that Hollywood always mocks them is undercut by other Christian-themed TV shows. This is a faux controversy". When I asked Martin if his wife the Rev. Jacquie Hood Martin objected or if the "bitches" title was okay because there were no black actresses in ABC's gang of "bitches," he only replied, "Nope. I get satire. But go ahead and knock yourself out, dude."

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