Bill Press Show Can't Stop Trashing Tim Tebow's Kneeling: 'I Just Wanted to Throw Up'

January 14th, 2012 7:01 AM

The Munchkins that lead liberal talk radio really can't stop demonstrating their hatred of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. On Thursday's Bill Press Show, the lapsed Catholic host launched into another broadside about Tebow's winning touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas, and how the "Tebowing" made him nauseous.

"I couldn’t believe it and then I looked up at the screen and there he was on his knees with his hand up to his head in the pose that he has now made famous. It was Tebow doing the Tebow and I just wanted to throw up," lamented Press. "Ruined the moment, ruined the moment by trying to make it an act of God, by trying to make it an act of religion instead of what it was, a lucky pass if you ask me – uh, ‘cause he’s not known for having a great throwing arm." The hate also flowed from his executive producer, Peter "I Hate His Face" Ogburn, who wanted callers to denounce Tebow.

On Monday's Bill Press Show, Ogburn was filling in, and he ginned up the callers: "I’m looking at you to weigh in at 866- 55-PRESS. I am so tired of Tebowmania and I’m so tired of people telling me I shouldn’t be talking about Tebowmania, cause it matters and Tim Tebow is a jerk and I want him to shut up. I hate his face and he’s not that good of a football player."

On Monday's Mike Malloy Show, the less-than-jolly old soul was again imagining a violent death, this time for Bronco wide receivers who fail to crucify themselves for their quarterback. "The whole concept of professional sports is just madness," he began, establishing his distaste for the American mainstream, and let's assume the typical leftish contempt that a quarterback would be paid better than a social worker.

Tim Tebow, of course, is a massive irritation...It’s amazing to me. Either Jesus or God, one of the two, took time off yesterday to make sure that the, uh, Broncos would win. Of course you noticed, that when those pass receivers would catch those passes from Tim Tebow they would never fall down and immediately crucify themselves on the football field in recognition of heavenly intervention. God, I hate crappy-ass displays of public religiosity! Especially, especially! In a sporting event.

This to me is vile, just vile, for these fundamentalist Christians to find divine intervention -- in a pass for a football game, in Denver, Colorado? Oh well, it’s their religion, not mine. So they can pervert it and twist it and destroy it, to whatever extent they want to. Have at it, boys and girls.

These quotes should be run in an audio montage over "All You Need Is Love." Liberal talk radio is absolutely brimming with vitriol. Compassion and open-mindedness and other alleged liberal virtues are often missing.