Chris Matthews on Hate in America: All Against Obama, No Haters On His Behalf

Chris Matthews showed up from Java Joe's in Des Moines in the 11 am hour on MSNBC Friday to underline the liberal arrogance that in the Obama era, all the country's hatred is against Obama, and apparently liberals are utterly incapable of adding anything to the Hate Quotient.

"I heard a voice this morning a woman came up to me and said I’m really for Obama, but I want to end these years of hatred. Now if people start voting for the Republicans because there’s too much divisiveness because of Obama, that’s real trouble for the White House," Matthews said. He then declared: "In other words, the way to end the hatred in America is to get rid of the object of the hatred. Well, that’s a strange way to do things."

Speaking of a strange way to do things, Matthews somehow thought it was odd that Romney wouldn’t say “Let them eat cake” in French for him, as if that wasn’t a stunt or a trap. Instead, it was a clue that Romney is a "closeted" Massachusetts moderate:

I asked Romney if he could say “Let them eat cake” in French, and it was a very interesting moment, a telling moment. He said yes. I said can you say “Let them eat cake in French,” and I knew he was a Mormon missionary over in France. He said, "Yes but I won’t." There’s a lot of Romney inside him that he won’t show. And I lot if it, they think, is moderation. That he thinks is moderation. So although he’s running to the right out here, he may be offering a closeted offer of moderation to a lot of these middle-of-the-road, or not that right-wing Republicans.

Matthews the Pundit sounded the bad news, that if Romney “gets that middle-of-the road vote, plus the red-hot anti-Obama vote, he wins. In other words, if he puts together the middle with the right, he wins. If everything votes for him because he’s a secret middle-of-the-roader, and they vote for him for that reason, and the right wing just wants to get rid of President Obama, that adds up to a lot more than 50 percent."

He then returned to the odd, "perverse" idea that you please the haters by voting out the hate object: "And if you throw in some people who just want to end the divisiveness in America, and get one party running the country, and no more Obama hatred, now this is a very bizarre way to do things, maybe perverse, you get rid of the hatred by getting rid of the object of the hatred? Well, that’s certainly an odd development here, and not a healthy one for the White House, or perhaps the country." 

[Hat tip: Pie Fan Dan Isett]

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