Barney Frank Compares Gay Republicans in Congress to ‘Secret Jews’

Rep. Barney Frank gave an interview to yesterday where he compared gay Republicans in Congress to "secret Jews".

In what is billed as an exclusive Rep. Franks stated that the Foley scandal will result in a purge of gays from the Republican Party.

What do you think was the role of gay Republicans in all this?

Apparently, Kirk Fordham, Foley's ex–chief of staff and Rep. Thomas Reynolds's chief of staff, is a very active gay Republican [and] also had some role in the hush-up. [As of Wednesday, Fordham is no longer on Reynolds's staff.] There are others who were involved that I can't mention since they aren't out. They are all more like secret Jews.

How do the gay Republicans reconcile their consciences?

A lot of them chose between their gayness and their party. I'm sure the group of gay Republican staffers hid Foley's actions as best they could.

This is a real crisis, since before, gays in the Republican Party were willing to be tolerated, but Republicans will now be more nervous having gay people in positions of power. They have been critical of people who are out and gay—there could be a real purge of gays in the Republican Party now. It's probably just enough for people to be perceived to be gay.

All emphasis mine. You can read the whole interview here.
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