Olbermann: Bush's $7 Million '5-Page Book'

March 20th, 2009 4:31 AM
Keith Olbermann started off his show Thursday by taking a punch at former president George W. Bush...below the belt.

Reporting on the President's new book deal, " Decision Points,”  Olbermann said,
"I am told he gets $7 million for his life's accomplishments in book form. So, the book is five pages long?"
Few are surprised by the left-leaning 'reporting' by MSNBC hosts, of which Keith Olbermann gets the 'best' award for, but what's the point of bashing Bush about his book, now?

To display what mean-spirited looks like? To improve ratings? (Certainly hasn't worked up to now). To solidfy support for Obama? Whatever the reason, it certainly is not good or authentic journalism.

When Hillary Clinton got $8 for her book, "Living History," and Bill Clinton $12 for his book, "My Life", no such statements were made by Olbermann. To the contrary. (Although he was critical of Hillary during the 2008 presidential campaign on several occasions, and not because he was supporting John McCain!)

Long gone are the television anchors who just reported the news...on NBC.

Sharon Hughes is the founder of The Center for Changing Worldviews and WOMANTalk, and a Radio Talk Show Host heard in San Francisco. Sharon's blog