Daily Beast Trashes Melania Trump, Christmas Display as 'State-Sponsored Jingoism'

December 3rd, 2019 5:10 PM

On Monday, The Daily Beast published an article with the title “Melania Trump’s Joyless Christmas Decorations Are Back to Haunt Your Nightmares.” The author of the piece, Daily Beast style writer Alaina Demopoulos, went so far as to call the White House Christmas display “state-sponsored jingoism.” While the opening sentence of the article gives the impression that “Melania Trump tried this Christmas,” it did not take long for Demopoulos to begin trashing the First Lady’s White House Christmas displays in both the past and present.

The Daily Beast’s snarky article on the White House decorations, which operated as more of a hit piece on Melania Trump than anything else, should not have come as that much of a surprise. At this time two years ago, the website published two separate articles trashing the White House Christmas display.

One of the articles had the title “Wow, Melania Must Really Hate Her Life.” The other article had “Step Inside Melania Trump’s Nightmare Before Christmas” as the headline and described the White House as “the creepiest home space in America.” Hating on the First Lady and the White House Christmas displays appears to have become a Christmas tradition at The Daily Beast.

Demopoulos provided links to both articles as she declared “the first lady ditched the creepy ballet dancers and blood red trees that decorated the White House in Christmases past.” The Daily Beast style writer also described this year’s Christmas decorations as “the most sterile of her three attempts at holiday decorating” and referred to last year’s Christmas decorations as “Shining-esque.”

According to Demopoulos, “Although Melania (or more accurately, the many volunteers who actually did her heavy lifting) has decked the halls with a reported 29 evergreens, 14,000 ornaments, and enough American flag prints to distract Tomi Lahren for days, there is one thing missing from the decadent display.” After complaining about “the way she dresses,” Demopoulos claimed that “Melania’s ‘beautiful’ exhibit lacks the genuine merriment that compels Americans to get off their couch the weekend after Thanksgiving and put up a heavy, cumbersome, oh-God-why-is-this-thing-sticky Christmas tree in the first place.”

Taking a page out of Wolf Blitzer’s playbook, Demopoulos argued that “Melania’s gussied-up scene appears to be anything but jolly. Capitalizing on the holidays is only enjoyable when you’re surrounded by people who make spending vacation days worthwhile.” In other words, Mrs. Trump is not surrounded by someone who makes “spending vacation days worthwhile” because she is trapped in a loveless marriage with the President.

Demopoulos concluded the article by proclaiming “if Melania thinks her decorations might serve as adequate damage control for her husband’s spiraling presidency, then she’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.” While the article implies that the White House Christmas decorations will “haunt your nightmares,” The Daily Beast’s constant assault on Melania Trump and the annual Christmas displays at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue makes it clear that it’s actually the Trump presidency itself that causes “nightmares” for the uber-liberal writers that make up its staff.