CNN Delves Into Conspiracy Theories and Gossip About the Trump Marriage

February 26th, 2018 11:15 AM

During Monday's edition of CNN's New Day, a brief discussion about the Trump marriage took place, where CNN Correspondent Kate Bennett did her best to play up the narrative that the First Couple is plagued by marital problems.

First Lady Melania Trump’s plans to speak at a White House luncheon today provided New Day’s Alisyn Camerota with a perfect opportunity to bring up the state of the Trump marriage despite the fact that CNN’s own reporting revealed that she plans to talk about the gun issue. Rather than focus on the substance of her upcoming speech, Camerota brought in Kate Bennett, who said that “2018 has sort of, so far, been a horrible, no good, very bad year for the First Lady” because of the allegations of extramarital affairs surrounding the President.  



Bennett then went on to share some conspiracy theories about the Trump marriage, suggesting that the First Lady taking a separate car to the State of the Union address and cancelling her trip to Davos, Switzerland show that the First Couple has marital problems. Bennett dismissed the response of the First Lady’s press team, who argued that her cancellation of the Davos trip came as a result of a scheduling conflict, saying “One cannot help but wonder what might be going on behind the scenes.”

Camerota responded to Bennett’s gossip by saying “None of that seems typical.” She then turned her attention to her co-host Chris Cuomo, who was beside himself after recalling a moment last year where the First Lady appeared to slap away her husband after he attempted to hold her hand during an overseas trip to Israel last year.

Throughout the entire segment, Camerota and Bennett tried to drive home the point that Mrs. Trump has been an inactive First Lady, only mentioning that “we have seen her by his side at various times but we certainly have not heard from her very much.” Apparently, they did not notice when she traveled with the President to meet with the victims of the Parkland shooting as well as the Las Vegas shooting last year. They also forgot to mention that Melania has another role to play; mother to 11-year-old Baron. It should not come as a surprise that they conveniently left these stories out, as they do not serve the narrative of a Trump marriage on the rocks.

In addition to yearning for a Trump impeachment, this morning’s segment on New Day made it clear that the media may also wish to see another Trump divorce in the near future. If only they cared about covering issues that the American people actually care about. 

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CNN New Day


06:47 AM


ALISYN CAMEROTA: When First Lady Melania Trumps, Trump, speaks at a White House luncheon today, it will be the first time that we have heard from her publicly in 2018. There, of course, have been questions about the state of the Trump marriage amid allegations that the President had affairs with a porn star and a former Playboy playmate. Kate Bennett is live in Washington with more. What have you learned Kate?


KATE BENNETT: Well, Alisyn, today is pretty interesting. CNN’s learned that she’s actually going to address the gun issue at this luncheon and also not shy away from discussing the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Again, it’s unusual to hear from the First Lady. It’s unusual to hear from her speaking about a policy issue. 2018 has sort of, so far, been a horrible, no good, very bad year for the First Lady in a lot of ways, especially concerning the headlines involving her husband and allegations of past affairs. She has been stoic through this. She has been quiet. We have seen her by his side at various times but we certainly have not heard from her very much. She’s also given several sort of nonverbal cues, breaking with tradition. She’s shown herself to be very independent as well as mysterious. This is a First Lady who has not expressed emotion that much, she has not gone on speaking tours. She has made a few, a handful of day trips. She was in Asia for part of the President’s trip, she was in Europe last year. But again, mostly silent, not giving a lot of public speaking opportunities so today is actually very interesting day for the First Lady.


CAMEROTA: So true, Kate. I mean, I think mysterious is the right word to describe how she’s feeling through all of this and what she’s doing. So considering what the headlines have been, she’s also done little to dispel the stories. So what do you make of that?


BENNETT: I mean, that’s true too. Sometimes, you know, I think in these, in presidential marriages, right, we can look at the Clintons, we can even go back and look at JFK and Jackie. You know, how, how the first couple handles headlines and rumors like this is really indicative of how they are individually. This is not a first couple that we’re used to of late. I mean, we, we’re used to the Obamas, back and forth, sort of sending mushy text messages and I love you and marking anniversaries. This isn’t a couple with Donald and Melania Trump who does that. And she has been, been quiet but she’s done certain things like driving separately up to the State of the Union address and even the other day, taking a separate motorcade to meet the President at the plane after the, another salacious headline broke. And, you know, she cancelled her trip to Davos, Switzerland in the wake of the Stormy Daniels headlines as well. You know, her office says that these are logistical and scheduling issues. But one cannot help but wonder what might be going on behind the scenes and whether she’s expressing herself in some frustration despite being quiet and marking these notes of independence.


CAMEROTA: Yes. Great point, Kate. None of that seems typical. But we just don’t know how to handle this. Can I, can I help you with something?


CUOMO: No, no, look. Kate, that’s good reporting. Thank you very much but it’s just funny we’re looking, we’re looking for clues as to whether or not there could be any, you remember all of this stuff? 




CAMEROTA: Where she slapped his hand. That, was that a clue?


CUOMO: All I’m saying...Look, all I’m saying is...


CAMEROTA: Look no further.


CUOMO: Whatever happens with them happens. That’s their personal business. But we’re going to have to hunt for clues like when they’re on the plane thing.