CNN's Cuomo: Saying 'It's Too Soon' to Talk About Gun Control Is 'B.S'

CNN’s New Day spent the majority of their show Thursday morning discussing the tragic school shooting in south Florida that has left 17 dead and injured more than a dozen others. As usual, the co-anchors repeatedly crossed the line back and forth between activism and journalism; a practice that has become quite common in 21st century media.

While she had her activist hat on, Alisyn Camerota, reporting from the crime scene, expressed displeasure at the lawmakers who say it’s “too soon” or not “courteous or respectful” to talk about gun control so soon after a tragedy. Her co-host Chris Cuomo, anchoring from CNN headquarters in New York, responded by declaring “You can call that out as what it is. That’s B.S.”



The anchors at New Day joined a vocal chorus in the liberal media using the latest school shooting as an opportunity to demand more gun control. It seems like they have adopted Rahm Emanuel’s old adage “Never let a crisis go to waste” as their official slogan.

Cuomo also complained about the lack of “meaningful consensus on the fundamental proposition of wanting change.” There is certainly not a lack of “meaningful consensus” among the media, all of whom think that gun control laws will solve all of the country’s problems.

As he teased the next segment before a commercial break, Cuomo seemed to downplay the value of thoughts and prayers, saying “You’ve heard the thoughts and prayers stuff before.” Fortunately, Cuomo did not sink so low as to use his favorite catchphrase of “B.S” to describe thoughts and prayers. Sadly, this type of hostility toward the idea of thoughts and prayers has almost become a prerequisite for working at liberal media outlets.

This particular segment on CNN aired before President Trump’s tweet addressing the shooting, which caused the media to lose their collective mind; arguing that “part of the presidency is that you provide leadership in moments like this and this has just not been what he does.”

The American public should realize that anything short of gun control will not satisfy the ravenous mainstream media, who will continue to push for it 24/7 until another juicy scandal from the Trump White House pops up.

CNN New Day


06:12 AM

ALISYN CAMEROTA: So, Chris, listen, if you can hear my frustration, you and I have been here too many times before. Obviously, it’s a different town with a different name. This one is Parkland. It’s a different school. But there are 17 families that won’t be getting their loved ones back or ever seeing their loved ones again. And we ask the same questions and we always say how could this happen and what can we do? And obviously, today, the challenge for you and I will be to get different answers out of people in power. Chris?

CHRIS CUOMO: Maybe, maybe not. I think at this point, you know, the job is what you’re doing right now. You’re there. You’re letting know, people know, what matters about what happened. What happens after this is a much tougher part of the conversation. Because the ultimate frustration is we never get to step one. Step one after any kind of crisis is what do you do about the crisis? We have never had that question meaningfully addressed in this country in my time. And I don’t think there’s anybody here who has been to more of these shootings than I have. What are we going to do about the shootings? Charles Ramsey said it. You’ll hear isolated politicians say it. But we have never had meaningful consensus on the fundamental proposition of wanting change. So what can change if there’s no energy in that area, Alisyn? That’s the frustration.

CAMEROTA: Listen, I mean, obviously, you know. We have asked all sorts of lawmakers to come on today to have a conversation. You know that there are always lawmakers who say too soon, too soon. It’s not, you know, sort of courteous or respectful. We’re going to have that conversation today.

CUOMO: And also, you know, look, you can call that out as what it is. That’s B.S. Right? We heard it after Vegas; bump stock, an obvious fix. Charles Ramsey was talking about the application of silencers and what difference, God forbid, this madman had had one of those on his weapon. It was too soon. Have we ever discussed it since? Never. But you’re doing what we need to have done this morning, Alisyn. You’re in the right place at the right time. And we’ll be back to you in just a second so look, you’ve seen this picture before. You’ve seen schools like this before. You’ve heard the thoughts and prayers stuff before. You’ve seen the families. So what happens? Why did this guy do it? We’re not going to name him. Now, it’s an official rule. Why? There’s no good reason to name who commits these acts. Figuring out how it could have prevented, that’s a meaningful conversation. In this case maybe, maybe, presents so many glaring missed opportunities that maybe somebody of conscience somewhere with power will decide to act. We’ll tell you why that’s such an obvious choice next. 

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