CNN Panelist: 'GOP Women Are Trapped With Their Abuser, Which Is Trump'

February 12th, 2018 5:06 PM

CNN spent nearly the entire day on Monday hammering President Trump for his response to the Rob Porter controversy. During the 3:00 p.m. ET hour, anchor Brooke Baldwin presented no exception to the anti-Trump hysteria. Baldwin brought on Amanda Carpenter, Chris Cillizza and Anushay Hossain to discuss the fallout of the President’s handling of the Porter situation. 

Hossain tried to shame the women who voted for Trump, telling them “it is time to get out” and lambasting them for sticking with him “through pedophilia, through sexual harassment” and “sexual assault.” She seemed to imply that most Republican women would not jump off the Trump train any time soon because “they are trapped with their abuser, which is Trump.” She also tried to bring race into the conversation by saying that the President believes “A man’s denial, a white man’s denial, is worth more than a woman’s...word.”



Cillizza chimed in, saying that most modern presidents, including “George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama” and George H.W. Bush understood that part of the role of the American president was to serve as the nation’s moral leader; implying that the current commander-in-chief fails to understand this. The most hilarious part of his analysis came when he used “Bill Clinton” and “moral” in the same sentence. Baldwin and Hossain responded to Cillizza’s declaration by saying “duh.”

Hossain then lashed out at the President for not showing enough empathy during the tragic events at Charlottesville and the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico. She said “the only time you really see like any kind of human emotion from Trump is when he’s standing up for serial abusers of women.” She then tore into Kellyanne Conway for going on the Sunday shows to try and defend the White House reaction to the Porter scandal, saying “Shame on you for making the Sunday talk show rounds and trying to defend this.”

Liberals quickly label any woman who dared to vote for President Trump as a traitor to their gender.   

CNN Newsroom


03:08 PM 


ANUSHAY HOSSAIN: You know what, Brooke, no. It is never a mere allegation. Violence against women – we are at a point now...this goes beyond partisan politics. Violence against women is a human rights issue and I want to reiterate my call to GOP and Republican women that it is time to get out. I feel like GOP women are trapped with their abuser, which is Trump. We, you guys have stood by him through pedophilia, through sexual harassment, sexual assault...


AMANDA CARPENTER: Not all of us.


HOSSAIN: Not all of you but the majority. And I want to say, the majority of white women who voted for Trump, I want to say enough is enough. We are at a pivotal moment in this country right now. The culture is shifting. This is a turning point for women’s rights and for violence against women. And you know what the President just made clear to us, not that we needed him to stipulate thi, is that he doesn’t back this movement. That a man’s denial, a white man’s denial, is worth more than a woman’s, a woman’s word. Than a woman’s experience. And I think that, you know, I don’t want to pull this card, but I think in this situation I have to. But as a mother, what is the message that we are sending to little girls? What is the message that is coming from the White House? Why is it so complicated and difficult for this President to say, no, this was wrong? Violence against women, domestic violence is wrong. He can’t even say it.




CHRIS CILLIZZA: I think it speaks to, it speaks to this sort of way in which all of the Presidents...I’ll speak to the modern era because I’m not totally up on how much John Tyler defined the Presidency and its moral beacon. But I will tell you all modern Presidents, Brooke, saw the job, whether it’s George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, they saw the job as sort of, in part, being a leader of the American people, taking the high road...


BALDWIN: Can I just say, I mean, Duh?


CILIZZA: Understanding that what you say matters.


BALDWIN: Isn’t that a duh?


HOSSAIN: Duh. But also, Chris, I mean the concept of like empathy. You know what’s so funny, Brooke, you never see Donald Trump, you know, show any kind of empathy. You know, we saw when Heather Myers died in Charlottesville, you know an American citizen was killed from Nazi violence, no comment. Puerto Rico, throw paper towels at them. But the only time you really see like any kind of human emotion from Trump is when he’s standing up for serial abusers of women. You know, you’ve got to believe him, he denied it. I mean, what is this? This is disgusting. And as a mother, I have to say to Kellyanne Conway, shame, shame on you for making the Sunday talk show rounds yesterday and trying to defend this. I don’t know how these women look at their daughters in the face.