Democrats Using MoveOn Slogans – Why Hasn’t the MSM Noticed?

How entwined is the Democratic Party with the nutroots nation? It would seem that they are now getting their campaign slogans directly from them.

Despite their efforts to pretend that they have nothing to do with such radical organizations as (one only need look so far as the Petraeus ads), the Dem's do indeed appear to be getting their talking points and campaign ideas from them. Why hasn't the media noticed?

In recent days, the Democrats have launched a new campaign known as ‘Exxon-McCain '08.'

Democrats will be holding ‘press conferences' in key swing states to promote the supposed GOP ticket. Some Democrats themselves have tried to promote the campaign tactic through the media, as can be demonstrated at, where U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-Fair Lawn) and state Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck) can both be seen referencing ‘Exxon John'.

The same is true here at the Talk Radio News Service, in which Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley reiterates the same satirical press conference.

The DNC has also gone so far as to write up a ‘press release' echoing the same sentiments.

When did satirical press conferences become newsworthy? And why aren't more politicians promoting humorous political articles posted on The Onion?

Aside from being wildly unimaginative and humorless in nature, the campaign slogan is certainly not new, especially for those readers here at NewsBusters with a keen eye.

While the campaign effort was brought to the mainstream by the Democrats on August 6th, it is merely an illusion that this is a new idea dreamt up by the party. In fact, it has been in circulation for quite some time.

One such example of this can be seen here, in a previous post involving the overwhelming protest that was covered by the Albany Times Union on July 9th.

Notice the placards and signs of the protestors containing their main arguments. One example that stands out can be seen in the hands of the displeased MoveOn members - the ‘ExxonMcCain' signs.

Another organized protest by the left wing organization was announced on July 26th, in Springfield, Missouri, in which the clever play on words can be seen yet again in this statement:

A MoveOn news release says McCain took $1 million in campaign contributions from "Big Oil" and the protesters will hold signs at the event that will say "ExxonMcCain."

Thus, the new campaign slogan is not in response to the Republican criticism of Obama's tire gauges as they have claimed, but rather, it is a recycled radical left wing organization's own ideas being used.

The frightening part of this is that someone at DNC campaign headquarters sat down and said, ‘we need something clever to link McCain to Big Oil. How about this MoveOn slogan? The kids will love it!'

Of course, as does many of their tactics, it backfired. As Gateway Pundit and Salon so deftly pointed out, Obama receives more in donations from Exxon and Mobil employees than does McCain.

Had the Dems done some research of their own, they might have realized that ‘Exxon-McCain' might not have been their brightest idea.

Or, if they had any common sense at all they would have come to this realization - if thinks it's a good idea, it probably isn't.

More importantly, wouldn't the media take notice if McCain started running a campaign slogan known as Operation Chaos? Surely they'd be all over him for using an idea of Rush Limbaugh's, and would demand that he denounce such tactics. But if it comes from the left, the media simply closes their eyes and, well, moves on.

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