Why Clinton Blew His Top: FNC's Wallace Only Interviewer to Ask About Pre-9/11 Failures

September 24th, 2006 1:15 PM

By now, nearly everybody who cares has probably seen former President Bill Clinton's -- let's say 'animated' -- response to 'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace's questions about his administration's failed efforts to demolish al-Qaeda before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But Wallace himself hit on the key media bias question in an interview with FNC's Eric Shawn around 11am this morning (Sunday). Trying to explain Clinton's hot reaction, Wallace said he read the transcripts of the ex-President's other media appearances in the last few days -- on NBC's 'Meet the Press,' CNN's 'Larry King Live,' FNC's 'On the Record with Greta van Susteren,' among other programs. Wallace said he was "astonished" that none of the others even bothered to raise the terrorism question with Clinton, particularly with his team's attacks on ABC's "Path to 9/11" docu-drama.

Clinton sounded like a left-wing press critics with his repeated jibes at Fox as a "conservative" or "right-wing" outfit. But what, besides liberal bias, explains the other journalists' total lack of interest in even asking a single question about Clinton's inadequate terror response?