Hysterical Columnist: Taking Away Passports 'Precursor to Genocide'

September 10th, 2018 6:45 PM

If there’s one thing liberals are good at, it’s taking a small problem and turning it into a crisis with the fate of civilization itself at stake.

A master of that tactic is Jennifer Wright, political editor at large for Harper’s Bazaar, who penned an article last week espousing the philosophy that “taking away people’s passports and citizenship is a precursor to genocide” while comparing President Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP to Nazi war criminals.

Wright then stated: “It’s what happened to Jews in Germany in 1938 when their passports were declared invalid. That is what is beginning to happen here, now, to Hispanic citizens along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

The editor set a hostile tone for her article by noting:

Oh, is it bad to compare the GOP to Nazis?

Well, if members of the GOP do not like being compared to Nazis, they should consider not behaving exactly like Nazis.

“Hispanic U.S. citizens, some of whom were in the U.S. military, are not being allowed to renew their passports,” she stated. “This is reportedly happening to 'hundreds, even thousands' of Latinos” who are “getting letters from the State Department saying it does not believe they are citizens. The government claims their citizenships are fraudulent.”

She then quoted a report from The Washington Post that two Americans were detained by a Border Control agent who heard them speak Spanish.

While that obviously shouldn’t have happened, Wright calls the incident “an escalation from a few months ago, when Americans were detained by ICE officials just for speaking Spanish to one another.”

It didn’t take long for Wright to point out the basis of the crisis: “Stripping these men and women of their citizenship is not about immigration or jobs. It is about Hispanic people. It is about race.

She then added:

Denying people their citizenship is a clear way to indicate that they should no longer expect to receive the rights of citizens.

The right to a fair trial? They shouldn’t expect that. Not being investigated without just cause? Forget about it.

“There is good reason to believe that this could portend still worse things to come for the U.S. Hispanic population, unless people begin to speak out loudly and fast,” Wright noted.

And as usual in these articles, at the bottom of it all is the Republican occupant of the White House.

“Trump does not seem to understand the value of citizenship -- in 2016, he proposed that it might be revoked for burning an American flag” even though that activity “is constitutionally protected free speech.”

“But what Trump does understand is his base,” she added before flying in the face of the state of the economy:

“Many members of Trump’s working class base do have real concerns -- it is true that wages aren’t growing in America and that manufacturing jobs that have all but disappeared.”

As if that wasn’t liberal enough, Wright asserted:

These people might rightly note that their lives look harder than their parents.

They’re angry and want someone to blame -- but not people who look like them, as those people are beacons of hope that their lives might improve. In Hispanic immigrants, Trump gave them a scapegoat.

“Fans of Trump will claim these measures are just about sending people back to their homelands,” she stated, “and therefore, getting people who did not belong in America out.”

Again using the comparison of Republicans to Nazis, Wright said that after using “a lot of deportation solutions,” Germany concluded that “one way to get an unwanted population out was just to kill them.”

Nevertheless, “I can’t tell you what actions you should take because I don’t know what talents you have at your disposal,” she noted, but “I hope every single Democratic politician reads this. Your complicity in anything that stems from this administration will not be forgiven in the future.”

“Do something today to make your descendants proud,” she concluded.

Apparently, Wright doesn’t believe all that pesky information stating the economy is booming, and she also needs to learn that the moment you bring Hitler or the Nazis into a discussion, you have just lost the argument.