Sarah Silverman Goes Hysterical After Seeing 'Swastikas' on Sidewalk

Liberal comedienne Sarah Silverman has never been a fan of conservatives and has often said so in a long string of online tweets. However, she took her obsession to the next level on Sunday, when she posted: “Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo-nazis not have Google?”

However, those “swastikas” were actually fairly standard markers used by utility workers. According to a construction worker who responded on the Twitter website, the curvy orange “X” symbols note the locations of underground pipes, wires and other potential obstacles to a variety of projects.

According to an article by Alex Griswold of Mediaite, “Twitter mockery swiftly ensued, with the best running gag undoubtedly coming from Stephen Miller,” who is not the adviser to President Donald Trump but is instead a well-known blogger and publisher of The Wilderness website.

Miller added photographs of construction workers in his messages, which began with two men using a device to visually determine the boundaries of a project. “Check it out,” he noted. “I even spotted a couple of Nazis in broad daylight testing some sort of abortion prevention laser device.”

He then produced a picture of a man wearing a yellow construction helmet fixing a meter with a wrench: “I photographed a Nazi in uniform even giving a salute,” the blogger stated.

“Here's another Nazi I spotted attempting to raise an iron cross,” which was actually a man wearing a white construction helmet working on a pole with an interesting shape. “Notice it looks just like a T for Trump?”

A third picture showed another man wearing a construction helmet, and Miller recommended: “If you see a guy dressed on the street like this, punch him.”

The final photograph depicted a construction worker climbing down into a sewer. “Heads up. Underground Nazi base could be anywhere,” he joked.

Harry Khachatrian joined the fray by posting a picture of a tilted speed limit sign: “Just saw this mysterious Nazi sign on the street. There's even a '15MPH' under it -- must be some secret Nazi code.”

A row of orange-and-white striped traffic cones led Eric Larson to declare: “The KKK guys left their hats down the street, too.”

Ironically, a poster named Youngblood stated that the comedienne's “initials are SS.”

Meanwhile, Liz Finnegan tweeted: “This has to be a joke. No one is this dumb.”

Finally, it fell to Drunken Uncle to state: “If this is supposed to be satire, it explains why Sarah Silverman just isn't funny to most people.”

“Silverman, who is Jewish, admitted her mistake and chalked it up to receiving anti-Semitic abuse on a daily basis,” Griswold noted.

“It's a construction marker,” the comedienne finally admitted. “Innocent mistake for a Jew that gets 'burn in an oven!' at least weekly on twitter. Still pretty close though.”

She then stated:

To the excited-to-pounce, smelly condescending cunts who say im a dummy 4 seeing swastikas in street markers:

I'm seeing swastikas in everything, fratboys. It started w (White House Chief Strategist Steve) Bannon's rise & festered when trump decided not 2 mention Jews re the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, Daniel Nussbaum of Breitbart noted that Silverman “was one of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ earliest and most vocal celebrity supporters before rallying behind eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, when Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November 8 presidential election, Silverman pleaded: “Someone give me hope.”

She also posted regarding her “Trump Trauma:” “For a lot of people, this is like the Great Depression, but this time it's emotional & physical. Our bodies r breaking down w fear & rage.”

As you might expect, the comedienne has been an especially virulent critic of the Republican occupant of the White House over the past few months.

In a tweet posted in early February, Silverman ranted in all caps: “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.”

Her tweet incongruously included four red hearts and linked to a list of President Donald Trump’s appointments and actions that day.

The following morning, just two hours after her call for an overthrow, her spirits flagged again. She added on Twitter: “We’re all gonna die sounds so dire but we are though (all gonna die).”

Although Silverman tries to be funny, her humor is often offensive, hyper-sexual and degrading. She has called Christianity “f**king crazy,” Mother Teresa an “f**king bitch,” and has admitted her love of rape jokes.

Comic Steve Martin used to say that “comedy isn't pretty.” It now appears that comedy isn't funny, at least not when Silverman is involved.

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