Piers Morgan in Trouble Again: ‘I’ve Never Met Any Latinos Who Can’t Dance’

January 24th, 2013 11:55 AM

Open mouth, insert foot. Just when it seemed that Piers Morgan was finally putting his ineffective crusade for stricter gun control behind him, the CNN anchor made an obviously stereotypical remark while covering an inaugural ball in Washington, D.C., on Monday evening.

At the end of an interview with Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro and his identical twin brother, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, the liberal host asked: “By the way, I've never met any Latinos who can't dance, so are you guys going to be -- ?”

The Democratic mayor responded: “Well, you've met the first two right now.”

His liberal brother repeated: “You've met the first two.”

Morgan's co-host for the evening, Erin Burnett, noted that the question was “Piers' first highly inappropriate comment of the evening.”

“That's not inappropriate,” the host of "Piers Morgan Today" replied. “I never have -- .”

Joaquin Castro tried to smooth things over by noting: “No offense taken.”

Amazingly, Morgan continued to defend his biased remark:

You can’t dance, really? Come on, of course you can. I bet they can. They wouldn’t say anything like that.

The interview began in a dance hall with Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music” blaring in the background as the CNN host introduced the pair as “musical experts -- well, I assume they are,” and “every newsman's nightmare” because of the twins' similar appearance.

Of course, if a Republican had made a comment as insensitive as Morgan's remark -- and then stuck to it as the CNN host did -- news anchors all across the country would be shaking their heads while decrying how out of touch the GOP is and why the party will never be able to stage a comeback.

Double standard, thy name is Piers Morgan.

Hat tip: Mother124.