'President Isn't Telling the Truth': Nicolle Wallace Cuts Away from Press Conference

September 26th, 2019 7:30 AM

Wow! The MSNBC host of Deadline: White House, Nicolle Wallace, declared President Trump to be a liar on Wednesday (how original) and used that as an excuse to cut away from the televised press conference almost 24 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared the House's formal attempt to impeach the President. Perhaps Trump's truth telling about Joe and Hunter Biden was too much for her to tolerate. In any event, it was a stunning act of anti-journalism.

Here was Nicolle cutting away from the Trump press conference because she has passed judgement that he wasn't being truthful...or was it that she couldn't abide him telling painful truths? Here was the MSNBC host who has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome:



We hate to do this, really, but the President isn’t telling the truth. These allegations against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that he’s repeating have been investigated by the Ukrainians, none other than The Wall Street Journal included in their report on Friday that the Ukrainians view this issue as having been investigated and adjudicated. And what’s amazing is that what Trump appears to be trying to do is to turn his own impeachment into a big deflection.

Or could it be, Nicolle, that you are trying to deflect away from your viewers hearing the inconvenient truth about the Bidens?

Right after this press conference shutdown by Wallace, former Eric Holder flack and MSNBC Justice and security analyst, Matthew Miller, leapt in to defend the Bidens:

The question on the table here is not about Joe Biden, it's not about Chris Murphy or any of the other senators he's talking about. It's not about the whistleblower. It's about his conduct and whether his conduct as president is impeachable or not. Whether or not it amounts to misconduct. As it relates to Joe Biden, it's important to note that this story has been looked at and thoroughly debunked by everyone involved. Joe Biden’s son served on the board of a Ukrainian company. That Ukrainian company was investigated by the Ukrainian attorney general. That investigation was closed before Joe Biden ever asked for the attorney general to be fired.

Hmm... So why is it so urgent for you not to allow us to hear what Trump has to say on this matter to the extent of cutting in on the middle of his press conference?

Unsurprisingly this censorship by Wallace did not go over well by many judging by the multitude of responses on Twitter, such as this one from Steve Guest at the RNC: