HuffPo Features Photos of Scientists With Expressions of Global Warming Concern

August 25th, 2014 1:58 PM

Are you a scientist trying to convince the public of the validity of your pet theory? Well, forget about presenting boring scientific evidence to support your premise. Instead you need to get in front of a mirror and practice facial expressions of deep concern and present that to the public to convince them of your theory.

If you think that is goofy, then that is exactly what the Huffington Post did to convince their readers that global warming scientists were really, really concerned about their pet cause which is losing public interest in their dire warnings namely because they failed to materialize. For some great laughs check out the HuffPo article, Photographer Captures Scientists' Frightened Responses To Climate Change Discussions, chock full of photos of global warming scientists giving up on trying to warn you with facts but are now using facial expressions of deep concern to make their case.

The first caption is for a photo of a deeply sad looking Will Steffen, an Earth System Scientist. Here is his fear plus a quote:


"The climate is related to many parts of the Earth; the land, the ocean, the ice, the atmosphere. We're noticing abrupt changes in all of these areas..."

Abrupt changes such as an ice free North Pole which was predicted back in 2008. Perhaps that is why he is sad. Because it never happened. But, hey, grab an onion, Will, and peel it to produce a tear or two and maybe your pic will convince us.

The next scientist, Mammologist Tim Flannery, does an even better job of projecting a deep sadness facial expression than Will Steffen. Plus his fear and  caption quote has a spicy apocalyptic tone:


"Climate Science underestimated the pace of climate change, it was too conservative. We're now having far more rapid change than originally projected. Change that if not slowed, will undoubtedly affect my children and my grandchildren..."

As for Extreme Weather Researcher Sarah Perkins, both her facial expression and fear are kind of lame but at least she provides a more extensive quote than the previous two facially pained scientists:


"As the background climate warms due to human activity, this increases the frequency and intensity of hot temperature events. I am concerned about how the very broad and damaging impacts of heatwaves will affect human health, infrastructure, agriculture, and natural systems. By the time we realise we need to make changes and start to put these changes in place, it might not be enough to balance out the range of catastrophes we will be facing..."

What's with Marine Ecologist Peter Macreadie? I can actually detect a hint of a smile on his photo. However, he makes up for photo failure with his fear and and quote expressing CATASTROPHE and EXTINCTION:


"IPCC predicts that the impacts of climate change will be catastrophic. This affects everybody. Nobody is safe. We're going to lose low lying countries, there will be a loss of live stock, potential wide spread famine and species extinction..."

There are more photos of global warming scientists doing their best to project expressions of deep concern on their faces to convince you of their case. However, I leave you with the best scientist photo yet. It is of Albert Einstein working up a really great facial expression to convince the world of the validity of his Theory of Relativity.


UPDATE: The real reason for the pained expressions in the photos has been revealed by Watts Up With That? These are all Australian scientists whose government decided to quit wasting money on global warming projects and they are now putting on the sad act to troll for bucks.