Boston Globe Ignores Own Reporter's Viral Tweet About Obama Reaction to MH17 Crash

It was the tweet that went viral around the world and all over the web. The one notable exception where the tweet remains unmentioned is at the Boston Globe. So what's so strange about that? It's because the author of the tweet is Boston Globe reporter, Matt Viser.

Perhaps it is the subject matter that makes the Boston Globe reluctant to refer to the tweet although it is already widely known on the Web. The UK Daily Mail also featured it. So will the Boston Globe eventually follow suit? The matter is open to question because Viser's tweet was a devastating observation about President Obama's bizarre  reaction to the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 yesterday in Ukraine. Here is the Boston Globe reporter's tweet that has yet to be reported in the Boston Globe:




To see why Viser posted this tweet, it is necessary to actually view Obama's reaction to the crash in Delaware yesterday.



That was not the the only tweet from Viser on this subject:


Viser also retweeted Jonathan Karl of ABC News who commented in a similar vein:


If you want to see how viral Matt Viser's tweet has gone, just perform a Google search. You will find it all over the web...but not at the Boston Globe where he works.

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