No Labels Issues Press Release Confirming Its Irrelevance

Remember No Labels?

You can be forgiven if you have completely forgotten about that organization since it appears to have died at birth despite the hype given to it back in December by several in the mainstream media including Washington Post Reporter Philip Rucker who wrote this plug for the organization that is notable for its almost instant fade from national consciousness:

It will form a political action committee to help defend moderate candidates of both parties against attack from the far right and the far left, said John Avlon, a founding member and one-time speechwriter for former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R). "There's this idea that somehow walking in lock step with a party is courageous," Avlon said. "I think it's conformity. . . . That's the opposite of courageous. It's cowardly."

Since then there has been almost zero news relating to No Labels. Ironically the only tiny bit of news that seeped out from No Labels was the controversy over its label since the artwork was apparently lifted (polite word for "stolen") from the label of another organization. Other than that very minor controversy, No Labels has elicited a collective yawn from anybody who noticed...and most people didn't even know they existed in the first place.

And now, as if confirming it's own irrelevance, No Labels has issued this press release which has been completely ignored by the media, including even Philip Rucker:

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following statement was released today by No Labels Co-Founders Mark McKinnon and Nancy Jacobson at a press conference on Capitol Hill with over 200 No Labels state leaders:

"We know that we are not going to solve our significant budgetary challenges unless we get everyone at the table and everything on the table. And that means everyone, not just our elected representatives.

"Increasingly, politicians are held hostage by powerful interest groups. So, we need them at the table as well. Today No Labels is calling on representatives of the Tea Party and to come together to discuss and debate the key budget issues facing our country.

"Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have graciously agreed to host a discussion between leaders of these organizations on their MSNBC program Morning Joe.

"Let's stop the fighting and start the fixing. We need this discussion as soon as possible, for the good of our country."

So this will accomplish what other than generate a slight bit of publicity for MSNBC's Morning Joe show? The real message of this No Labels press release seems to be: "Yoo! Hoo! In case you haven't noticed we still least in our own minds."

Another not so secretly liberal organization pretending to be non-partisan hyped by the MSM bites the dust yet again. At least with Annabel Park of the Coffee Party we got some comedic entertainment in the form of her addressing her own navel with stream of consciousness psychobabble. From No Labels all we got was a collective yawn.

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