Anti Prop 8 Mob Swarms Elderly Lady: TV Anchor Proclaims 'Hate on Both Sides'

Watch this amazing video of an anti Proposition 8 mob in Palm Springs swarming an elderly woman, ripping a cross out of her hand, and then stomping on it. What is most amazing about this video is the idiotic summation of what happened by KPSP TV anchorman, Kris Long. However before we get to his money quote, let us take a look at a report on this mobbing by LifeSiteNews.Com:

Video footage from KPSP CBS 2 Palm Spring News shows Proposition 8 protesters surrounding an elderly woman and the reporter trying to interview her, shouting and blocking the camera's view of the woman, ultimately forcing the two to flee from the encircling crowd. 

Phyllis Burgess, a supporter of true marriage, had been assaulted earlier as she displayed a large cross in front of the protesters.  Video footage shows the anti-marriage crowd pushing Burgess, slapping the cross out of her hand and stomping on it as they surround her.

When reporter Kimberly Chang attempted to interview Burgess shortly thereafter, she grew visibly upset as dozens of protesters encircled the pair and shouted them down while blocking the camera with their signs, rendering the interview impossible. 

"As you can see right now, we are being a little attacked here," Chang said. Burgess then told Chang she thought they needed to call the police.

The journalist attempted to continue her story by yelling over the crowd, at which point the protesters erupted in noise, drowning her out.

True marriage supporters, particularly religious groups, have felt the ire of same-sex "marriage" advocates ever since California's Proposition 8 was passed last Tuesday. 

Matching the thuggery of the crowd was the idiocy of anchorman Kris Long who came up with this "gem" of a conclusion:

...There is a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides.

Anger and hate "on both sides?" Mr. Long, perhaps you need to have your eyes checked. All the anger and hate was coming from one side only as any sensible person can plainly see. 

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