Zippy the Pinhead Mocks Global Warming Alarmism

Has global warming alarmism finally jumped the shark?  If so, then perhaps its jump the shark moment can be traced to last Sunday when global warming alarmism was openly mocked in the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Zipster, here is a brief biography... Zippy was born in a satellite dish outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother is a Las Vegas pizza waitress and his father is a truck driver who works part time as a writer for People Magazine. Zippy's favorite meals often consists of corn nuts and polysorbate 80 followed by a delicious desert of yogurt covered with taco sauce.

Zippy is also the wonderful creation of cartoonist Bill Griffith and is easily the best comic strip out there. A key element in the humor of this comic strip is that Zippy processes all information with equal weight. A chili dog has the same impact on Zippy as a hydrogen bomb explosion.

Many novices to the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip will scratch their heads in puzzlement at first, trying to figure it out. My advice is to give it a couple of weeks and you will probably become a devout acolyte of the Zipster as you learn to appreciate his humor. And the latest in Zippy the Pinhead's humor is this comic strip about global warming. Here are the first couple of panels from that strip:

Read the entire Zippy the Pinhad comic strip here to understand why this just might be global warming alarmism's jump the shark moment. Despite the relentless global warming propaganda by the mainstream media that is about as subtle as being hit over the head by a two by four, it is very hard to survive mockery by Zippy the Pinhead who has achieved cultlike status among his comics readers.

Something similar to this happened in the 1960s. After an initial period of confusion about exactly what the hippies were all about, the media quickly began treating that movement with great respect as if they had something important to say because they had reached a "higher conciousness." In fact, hippies even inspired the popular musical, "Hair," which premiered in October 1967. However, just a few months later, hippies reached their jump the shark moment when Mel Brooks' "The Producers" premiered in March 1968 because featured in that movie was perhaps the greatest comedic moment in cinematic history. It was the moment when Dick Shawn, as Lorenzo St. DuBois (LSD), appeared on the screen as a hippie singing "Love Power." Watch the video and you can see why the hippie movement quickly wilted away under the weight of the satiric mockery.

Will the same thing happen to global warming alarmism? Although the MSM relentlessly attacks global warming skeptics as "global warming deniers," it is hard to see how global warming alarmism can survive being openly mocked by Zippy the Pinhead.

Oh, and if it sounds like your humble correspondent is an overly enthusiastic fan of Zippy the Pinhead, it is because he is. And now to enjoy some yogurt covered with taco sauce.

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