Hillary Reluctantly Expresses ‘Support’ for Saudi Women Drivers

June 22nd, 2011 9:35 AM

Although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has championed women’s rights from Azerbaijan to Zambia, it took her weeks to respond to an appeal to publicly support a campaign by Saudi women to be permitted to drive.

Even then, her comments on Tuesday came not of her own initiative, but in response to a question at a press availability – and after Saudi women activists and journalists had questioned her public silence on the subject.

In her answer, Clinton signaled once again the Obama administration’s sensitivity about the U.S. being seen to be preaching change to a non-Western culture – and to an important U.S. ally. She repeatedly stressed that the driving campaign was coming from Saudi women themselves.

“I am moved by it and I support them, but I want to underscore the fact that this is not coming from outside of their country,” she said.

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