Former MSNBC Host Gets Insurance Cancelled Due To ObamaCare: 'Thnx Mr. President!'

Oh the delicious irony.

Dylan Ratigan, the former host of the MSNBC program bearing his name, just had his health insurance cancelled due to ObamaCare:

Readers should recall that Ratigan typically took extremely liberal positions on his program though claiming to not be affiliated with either party.

In fact, although he had advocated for an even more liberal healthcare reform, he defended ObamaCare saying on the October 5, 2009, Morning Meeting, “There are people that are actually trying to derail health care in order to take down Obama, even if it means half the country dies.”

Needless to say, those people trying to derail ObamaCare were largely members of the Tea Party who Ratigan routinely excoriated as Nazis and racists.

Now that he's been burned by a program he supported, I wonder if he still thinks so ill of those that continue to try to repeal it.

Post facto opining: Something interesting to consider here is how President Obama, press secretary Jay Carney, and of course their media minions have been claiming that the plans being cancelled by ObamaCare are "junk policies."

As Ratigan despite his political leanings is a very bright guy with significant financial prowess, would the left claim that he's too ignorant to know that he bought such a junk policy, and even someone as bright as him requires the government to tell him what he needs?

If that's the case, then aren't Obama and his cronies basically claiming that they're smarter than everyone in the country and only they know what's best?

(HT Twitchy)

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