Entertainment Website Names Ann Coulter One of 'TV’s Most Unintentionally Scary Characters'

You might not be familiar with the entertainment website The Wrap, but every now and then it ventures into the world of politics - always from the left, of course.

On Friday evening, it published an article titled "8 of TV’s Most Unintentionally Scary Characters," and blazened below the headline was a picture of our dear friend and conservative author, Ann Coulter:

Not a very flattering picture, is it? Neither is the text:

As you plan your Halloween slumber parties, you’ve no doubt DVR’d shows like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” to watch late into the night. But for real chills, why not watch some of TV’s most unintentionally scary characters?

We’re talking about the ones who are so overacted or just plain wrong that they send a chill down your spine. Sure, zombies and witches are scary. But so is misplaced talent.

Here are the characters we consider the most unintentionally scary on television. You may want to sleep with the lights on. [...]

Coulter’s beliefs are too silly to be scary, but her commitment to her frankly weird routine is chilling. It’s like watching Andy Kaufman continuing to lip-sync the “Mighty Mouse” theme long after everyone has left the theater. Ann, we get it: You have nothing left to prove.

Now what's truly bizarre about Coulter being on this list is the other seven are all actors and actresses on TV shows.

Exactly why did the folks at The Wrap think an author and political commentator fit in with such a group?

If they wanted to include television pundits, couldn't they have found a liberal to balance out the presentation?

Assuming they're not frightened by such people, they could have asked us for suggestions.

As for Coulter, I'm sure she'll get quite a kick out of this and say something to me like, "If they were going to devote print space to bashing little old me, at least they could have had the decency to plug my new book 'Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican.'"

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