Anderson Cooper on ObamaCare Enrollment: ‘I Don’t Buy That They Don’t Have Those Numbers’

The White House for ten days has refused to reveal how many Americans have actually signed up for ObamaCare.

Quite surpisingly, some in the media, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday evening, have called the administration out for this absurdity (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ANDERSON COOPER: The other thing that they can’t give you a figure on how many people have actually signed up I just don’t buy. I mean, I just don’t believe that, you know, because, and they’re, you know, what they're, what they’re promoting is, “Well, we had all these unique visitors. We had an overwhelming number of people actually looking.” But actually signing up, actually creating accounts, the fact they’re not able to give numbers to me, I just, I just don’t buy that they don’t have those numbers.

What do they recommend for people who have been trying to sign up for days now? What’s their advice?

BRIAN TODD, CNN: They’re advice is if you’re frustrated, keep going back. Call a help center. There are help center lines on there. I tried to log on today, I couldn’t. But you can see a help center number at least. They say keep going back, keep trying. You’ve got six months to sign up for this. They really hit home that message. It’s frustrating now, they acknowledge that, but you’ve got six months to sign up for this. So they say keep going back,

COOPER: Brian Todd, I appreciate it. Thanks.

TODD: Thanks Anderson.

COOPER: I don’t get why they say they can’t release numbers. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Doesn't make sense to anyone, Anderson. Nice to see you're willing to say this on the air.

Of course, it would have been far nicer if you expressed such skepticism before this law was enacted when people on the right side of the aisle were predicting this.

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