Leno Airs Mock Video of MSNBC Anchor Destroying Computer After Trying to Sign Up for ObamaCare

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, MSNBC's Mara Schiavocampo had a tough time signing up for ObamaCare the first day the exchanges went live.

As if that wasn't funny enough, the folks at NBC's Tonight Show took that video and added a surprise ending where Schiavocampo is so frustrated she destroyed her computer (video follows with commentary):

You get the feeling many Americans felt the same way trying to navigate one of the exchange websites this week?

On a related comical note, much as CBS Late Show host David Letterman did Thursday, Jay Leno asked his audience how many had signed up for ObamaCare.

Likely to the White House's chagrin, nobody responded to Leno either.

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