MSNBC: Alec Baldwin 'Can Restore Balance to an Unbalanced Network'

MSNBC has a new ad for Alec Baldwin's show thate premieres on October 11, and the folks at the Lean Forward network have chosen to make light of the actor's numerous high-profile flare-ups.

In the promo, Ed Schultz says with a straight face, "MSNBC has turned to a man who can restore balance to an unbalanced network" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

ED SCHULTZ: Responding to criticism, MSNBC has turned to a man who can restore balance to an unbalanced network, a man who will address the great issues of our time while keeping his emotions in check. Above all, a man who values reason over passion and provides a soothing voice for these troubled times.

(Camera pans out and to the right exposing Baldwin sitting next to Schultz)

ALEC BALDWIN: That's right. It's me.

The look on Schultz's face likely says what most right-thinking people across the fruited plain feel about MSNBC giving Baldwin his own show:

At least the folks at MSNBC are admitting their network is unbalanced, although unhinged certainly says it better though.

On the other hand, what does it say for this network that such an unbalanced person can provide balance?

Not very much, right?

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